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network echo processor

network echo processor

The network conference echo digital processor is a closed-loop feedback control system that allows the output of the PLL to maintain a fixed phase relationship with a reference signal. It is composed of phase detector, charge amplifier, low-pass filter, voltage controlled oscillator and output converter to completely avoid the echo of network duplex calls. The terminal of the network conference echo digital processor matches the USB interface. It is a digital product integrating sound card, microphone and audio signal output. It can effectively reduce the inherent noise of the network and suppress the echo during multi-party conferences. It can be used to realize the perfect realization of on-site conferences and remote conferences. Really do: ●Echo cancellation can completely eliminate echo, but at the same time allow local speech to be sent out, achieving true full-duplex at any time. ●Acoustic feedback howling suppression. ●The unique dynamic adaptive noise filter can filter out background noise without affecting the speaker's voice; thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio and sound quality. ●The most advanced voice signal processing. Can be used in network conferencing, audio and video remote conferencing systems, etc. And using fully adaptive, no system debugging is required. ●The power supply comes from the USB port of the computer, no additional power supply is required. Plug and play.
Technical Parameters
Features Sampling rate
Single chip USB interface digital/analog converter: 32, 44.1, 48KKz
Full speed transmitter Analog/digital converter: 8,11.025,16,22.05,32,44.1,48KHz
Fully compliant with USB1.1 Single power supply: 5V
Stereo converter simulation performance with programmed local descriptors
USB playback adaptation mode total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.01﹪
USB recording asynchronous mode signal-to-noise ratio=89dB
USB bus 5V power supply, dynamic range = 89dB




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