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8-in and 8-out digital audio processor (DANTE module)

8-in and 8-out digital audio processor (DANTE module)

8-input and 8-output automatic mixing media matrix, equipped with 8 analog inputs and 8 analog outputs, built-in feedback suppression, automatic mixing, matrix mixing, equalizer, distributor, compressor and other DSP functions, driver-free via USB Connected to computer software control, RS232, TCP/IP connected to central control remote control, suitable for use in amplification projects in various occasions. Features With DANTE function, can control 4 channels of DANTE audio 8 analog audio inputs and 8 analog audio outputs, supporting free switching between microphone input and line input Each input has 48V phantom power, which can be controlled by the host computer software switch Expandable GPIO external control functions Each input has a feedback suppression function switch, two-level adjustment With automatic mixing and matrix mixing functions Input 31-segment PEQ is adjustable, output 10-segment PEQ is adjustable USB driver-free automatic connection software, also supports RS232 central control



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