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8000W intelligent 8-way power sequencer (with filter function)

The company's newly developed timer has a 2-inch color TFT screen, which can display the current voltage, time, channel switch status, scene mode and cascade status. It has 8 channels of high-power power output, with under-voltage and over-voltage detection and alarm. It can be turned on and off at scheduled times, save and call preset scenes, and can control the switch and delay of each channel independently. It is equipped with RS232 and RS485 interfaces, which can be controlled by central control. Multiple devices can be cascaded, and the device ID can be automatically detected and set. , supports up to 256 units for cascading use. Features: ●Color screen display: 2-inch color TFT screen, the system supports Chinese and English display, can display the current voltage, date and time, channel switch status, scene mode and cascade status in real time, making the working status of the sequencer clearer and more intuitive. ●Shortcut navigation keys: You can set parameters by turning the EDIT key. One-key operation is convenient and fast. ●Eight channels: delay opening/closing of each channel (time can be set to 0-999 seconds) to prevent current shock and protect equipment safety. ●Timer: Built-in clock chip, which can set intelligent automatic power on and off according to time. ●Intelligent protection: Overvoltage/undervoltage protection, with customizable protection values, can avoid equipment damage caused by voltage instability.
●Scene recall: Save/recall mode, 10 groups of scene modes can be set.
●External control: External lock-free I/O switch enables remote switching easily.
●Cascading/central control: Multiple time sequencers can be cascaded and automatically numbered through the RS485 interface, and connected to the central control device through the RS232 interface to achieve unified management and control.
●Universal socket: Pure copper universal socket design, meeting plugs of different standards, and stable current transmission.
●Pure copper cable: strong current load, not easy to overheat and soften.

The main parameters
●Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
●Rated power: TDZN300L 8000W 3*6.0 square AC power cord (built-in power filtering function)
●Maximum current of single output: 10A
●USB DC 5V 800mA power supply
●Display mode: 320*240 TFT screen
●Input method: 3*6.0 square AC power cord, without plug, can be connected to the air switch
●Output mode: 8-channel power output, standard universal three-core socket
●Undervoltage and overvoltage protection: undervoltage (120-190V) overvoltage (240-290V)
●Schedule setting: daily/weekly repeat switch
●Weight: 4.5KG
●Size: 484*280*45mm




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