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Gain anti-howling processor

Gain anti-howling processor

The gain anti-howling processor series products are a new generation of equipment designed by our company for conferences and teaching. The line adopts dual anti-howling technologies of five-band parametric equalization and digital frequency shifting, which effectively increases the pickup distance of the microphone and increases the microphone gain to 5-14dB, making speaking easy and natural. Due to its anti-howling effect, it more effectively protects your power amplifiers, speakers and other valuable equipment, and is the protector of sound reinforcement equipment. The user-friendly design makes your operation simpler. There is no need to debug before the meeting. You can enter the meeting immediately after turning on the power. The workmanship is exquisite and the products are rigorous and reliable. The sound quality is clear and the fidelity is high, ensuring the quality of voice transmission. Choose with ease. The volume can be adjusted independently, giving you easy debugging options. Feature 1: Built-in ALC function, amplified signal distortion is small. Increase design freedom with gain adjustment capabilities. With the ALC function, it is easy to control the input of excessively large signals, and the amplified signal has little distortion. In addition, the limiting level (limiting level when the input signal is exceeded) and microphone gain can be freely adjusted, and can be set arbitrarily according to the equipment equipped.
Feature 2: Contributes to improving sound quality through low input noise voltage and high gain setting. 
Microphone amplifiers receive tiny sound signals and amplify them. An amplified signal with a high S/N ratio is required. NJM2783 can achieve low output noise voltage and high gain, which can reach more than 100db. Therefore, the sound quality of the device can be greatly improved. 
Feature 3: Wide power supply voltage (2.7~13V), applicable to various fields. 

(2) Technical parameters:
●Power supply mode: AC220V-230V, 50/60Hz
●Microphone and line input frequency shift effect switch selection
●Conference system local speakers realize independent effect connection port (EFX)
●Frequency shift amount: 5 Hz±1 Hz
●Sound transmission gain improvement 5-14 dB
●Line input impedance ≥5KΩ
●Line output impedance≤600Ω
●Frequency response: non-shifted state 20 Hz-20K Hz
            Frequency shift state 150 Hz-15K Hz
●Working power supply voltage 2.7~13V
●Mono microphone amplifier
●Equipped with Auto Level Control (ALC) function
●Gain can be adjusted with external components (+20~63dB)
●Use external components to adjust the limiting level (200mVrms~2Vrms)
●Gain switching possible: 0dB/20dB]
●Built-in buffer amplifier
●Low input noise voltage 1μVrms
●Built-in high-frequency noise countermeasure circuit




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