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8+1 power supply sequencer

8+1 power supply sequencer

The TD100A sequencer has 8 channels of high-power power output. It can control power sequence actions with one button. It has optional power-on start and manual functions. It is suitable for audio engineering, television broadcasting systems, computer network systems and power facilities that require orderly power distribution systems. occasion The TD100A power sequencer can start the equipment one by one from the front stage to the rear stage. When turning off the power supply, it will shut down the electrical equipment in the order from the rear stage to the front stage. In this way, it can effectively and uniformly manage and control all kinds of electrical equipment to avoid Due to human error. Ensures the stability of the entire audio power system during operation ●Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz ●Rated power: 3200W, total capacity 10A ●Output power: The maximum output current of each socket is 10A ●AC voltage indicator meter ●Multimedia power socket ●Weight: 3.42KG ●Specifications (length*width*height) mm: 1U chassis 425*265*48 ●Input method: 3*2.5 square AC power cord, without plug, connected to the air switch ●Output mode: 8-channel power output, standard universal three-core socket
●Function: When opening, it starts one by one from the front stage to the rear stage. When closing, it turns off one by one from the rear stage to the front stage. The action time between each channel is 1.5 seconds.
●Switch/instruction: ship-shaped switch, panel power indicator light, indication after each channel is powered on
●Factory configuration: finished product, manual, certificate, warranty card




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