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8+2-channel power sequencer (fine machine) With plug

8+2-channel power sequencer (fine machine) With plug

Power sequencer product parameters Scope of application: Entertainment engineering series, (can carry 3~4 800W~1000W power amplifiers). Maximum total input current (peak) 60A Continuous input total current 30A Single channel maximum output current (peak) 30A Single continuous output power supply 13A Working voltage 85~265V/50-60Hz The peak power of each channel can reach 2000W. It is recommended to bring 3~4 800W~1000W power amplifiers. Input and output voltage AC input voltage = AC output voltage Output power socket Universal socket, in line with European and American standards. 8 controlled universal sockets on the rear panel, 2 direct connections on the front panel Socket material: Each socket is made of phosphor bronze and must be installed after passing inspection. Comply with EU environmental standards. The switch interval time and insurance braking of each channel are 1 second, each channel has a switch indicator light, and a safety switch button (BYPASS) is configured at the front Relay High quality special relay (original genuine) The circuit board circuit process standard uses 65% high-purity tin, high-end shunt technology, and has been strengthened and bolded. Switching power supply board independently developed by the original factory (specialized for customized power supply boards) Main cable: 3*2.5 square cable, cable configuration length is 1 meter Voltage display meter red or blue LED screen Chassis height 1U switch short circuit Lighting configuration None Voltage display meter Yes Remote control function No Online support No Controlled functions None Power purification filter None Dimensions (length*width*height) 440*190*45 (mm)



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