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feedback suppressor


feedback suppressor


FBX3000 10-way professional digital feedback suppressor Scope of application: Meetings, theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, multi-purpose halls and other places with high-level sound requirements Features: A high-speed feedback suppressor that can accept 10 microphone inputs and 2 balanced outputs. Each microphone has independent 48V phantom power and gain adjustment. Two Lotus line inputs and outputs and two music inputs. The panel is equipped with a display screen that can display the current working status and signal level. Panel pass-through and feedback can be switched with one button. 10 microphone inputs with built-in automatic mixer. In many situations, such as at a podium or conference table, using two microphones can better capture the voice of a moving speaker, often increasing the risk of acoustic feedback. Due to this problem, the automatic mixer will automatically reduce the gain of the microphone with the weaker signal input, while increasing the gain of the other microphone with the stronger signal input. This way, it can track the speaker on the move, producing optimal sound clarity.
• 10 microphone inputs, independent volume adjustment, independent 48V power supply.
• Intelligent mixing of microphones in zones A and B
• Line input/output, music input (independent volume control) Lotus interface
• Professional digital feedback suppression module, pass-through/feedback mode switchable.
• Professional frequency display, monitor output level clearly at a glance

Technical Parameters:
· Voltage: 230/115 VAC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz
· Inrush current: 1.5 A at 230 VAC / 3 A at 115 VAC
· Maximum power consumption: 50 VA
· Sampling rate: (fs) 32 kHz
· Frequency response: 125 Hz - 15 kHz
· Distortion: < 0.1 % (at 1 kHz)
· Signal-to-noise ratio: > 90 dB
· Signal delay: < 11 ms
· Decoupler frequency shift: up to 5 Hz
· Microphone input: 10 channels, XLR balanced interface
· Line input: Lotus
· Input impedance: 10K ohm / 2 ohm (line / microphone)
· CMRR: >25 dB (50 Hz to 20 kHz)
· Phantom power: 48V (microphone only, switchable)




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