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Intelligent anti-howling processor

Intelligent anti-howling processor

TD1320 is a digital anti-howling system equipment dedicated for conferences, lectures, teaching, and stages. Its functions are: ●Can effectively suppress howling; ●Extended volume; ●Ensure the quality of voice transmission, with high fidelity and clear sound. Even in poor environments, reverberation can be suppressed to the greatest extent; ●Can effectively prevent audio equipment and speakers from burning out; TD1320 is equipped with a balanced microphone input, a system connector, and two-channel input and output interfaces. Technical Parameters: ●Power supply mode: AC~220V-230V, 50/60Hz ●Microphone and line input frequency shift effect switch selection ●LCD display shows function mode switching ●Local speakers of the conference system realize independent effect connection port (EFX) ●Frequency shift amount: 7Hz±1 Hz ●Sound transmission gain improvement 5-14 dB ●Line input impedance ≥5KΩ ●Line output impedance≤600Ω ●Frequency response: 20 Hz-20K Hz in non-frequency shifting state, 100 Hz-15K Hz in frequency-shifting state ●Microphone connection matching: non-phantom powered microphone ●Microphone connection method: 1-way card dragon female socket ●Weight: 2.41KG ●Specifications (length*width*height) mm: 1U chassis 420*205*44 ●External input connection: 1-way microphone cardon male, line lotus mono, effect mono ●Output connection: Calon Balance, Line Lotus Mono, Effect Mono ●Function: automatic frequency shifting at startup, electronic switch switching ●Power: 12W ●Switch/instruction: ship-shaped switch, panel power indicator light, frequency shift switching indication



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