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16 in and 16 out digital audio processor (Apple ipad app/Android app)

16 in and 16 out digital audio processor (Apple ipad app/Android app)

Features: ● High-performance floating-point DSP processing chip; ● 8~16 channels balanced input audio channels ● All input channels support MI C input ● All input channels support 48V phantom power supply ● 8 to 16 balanced audio output channels ● Independent adaptive feedback suppressor for each channel ● 8~16 channels automatic mixing ● ADC CS5368 114dB dynamic ● AC CS4385 114dB dynamic ●Input per channel: preamplifier, noise gate, compressor, 16-band parametric equalizer, delay, automatic mixing console ● Output per channel: 16-segment parametric equalizer, crossover, high and low pass filters, limiter, delay ● Built-in signal generator: sine wave signal, pink noise, white noise, ● The front panel 1602 display shows the IP address and current preset ●Open RS-232 and TCP/IP protocols to realize third-party control ● There is camera tracking code output, which facilitates the camera linkage function through third-party central control ● Supports 32 groups of scene preset functions, which can be called through TCP/IP and RS-232 protocols



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