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audio splitter

audio splitter

TD112 is an audio distributor with 2 audio line inputs and 12 audio line outputs. 2 of the 12 audio outputs are used in parallel, and 10 channels are distributed outputs through volume adjustment. The frequency response characteristics of this unit are wide and the original sound is maintained. Effect, equipped with mono and dual-channel switch, audio gain indicator on the panel, and ground switch on the rear panel. ●Input power: AC 220V/50Hz ●Power consumption: 10W ●Output sensitivity: XLR600Ω775mV ●Input sensitivity: XLR15kΩ775mV ●Frequency response: 20Hz----20kHz ●Signal-to-noise ratio: ≤90dB ●Total harmonic distortion: ≤0.5﹪ ●Chassis size: length 482mm×width 220mm×height 45mm



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