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18-channel digital mixer

18-channel digital mixer

•The fourth generation dual DSP digital processor, 40bit floating point operation, 24bit high-performance ADC/DAC; •Input (18ch), 12 channels with fully digitally controlled gain analog pre-amp processing; •1 channel stereo, 1 channel digital stereo, 1 channel U disk broadcast stereo; •Output (14ch), 6 AUX, 1 stereo; all input channels are configured; •1 channel digital stereo, 1 channel USB stereo recording, 1 channel stereo monitoring; •All input channels use professional-level high-quality microphone preamplifiers: high dynamics, low distortion; • Fully numerically controlled 64-level analog gain, easily meeting your requirements and achieving good signal matching; •2 professional DSP effectors, 6 effect types, and a total of more than 100 effect presets; •User scene memory and preset loading can be stored or recalled from within the console or from an external USB flash drive; •6 DCA volume groups and 3 mute groups, one-button operation, easy and comfortable;
•Color capacitive touch screen makes operation more intuitive and faster;
•Perfect full-voltage working range switching machine, eliminating switching impact sound;
•USB Media broadcast, supports multiple file formats. Directly use external USB flash drive to record;
•USB Bluetooth interface, plug and play, realize wireless music playback;
•Buss can be set up for automatic mixing, with intelligent algorithms for weight distribution and gain sharing;
•Light touch switch, intelligent servo electric fader;
•Colored TFT guidance screen provides channel parameter information in real time, making the operation clear at a glance;
• Provides wireless WiFi hotspot, IOS devices can wirelessly connect to tune channels for remote control;
•Programmable center console remote control, accepts center console remote control commands;
•Appearance size: 460mmx435mmx138mm, net weight: 7kg;
•Display: 7" high-definition color TFT LCD display, capacitive touch screen;
•Working voltage and power consumption: 85V~240V, 50~60Hz, 50WMAX.




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