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12-channel digital mixer

12-channel digital mixer

● 12 inputs: 8 Mic/Line analog pre-processors (XLR female plug and ¼" TRS input interface), 1 ST stereo, 1 USB Media (U disk playback) stereo, Bluetooth playback or PC sound card. ● 10 outputs: 4 AUX, 1 stereo Main L/R, (both XLR male plug interfaces, differential balanced output), 1 USB stereo recording or PC sound card recording, 1 stereo monitoring. ● 4.3" high-definition color TFT LCD display, capacitive touch screen. ● 100mm stroke electric intelligent control, precision = 1024-speed fully electric faders (6 groups in total). ● Adopts the third generation DSP high-performance digital signal processor (SIMD core), precise 300MHz/40 bit floating point mathematical operations, and 114dB typ. dynamic range. ● All Mic/Line input channels adopt professional-level high-quality microphone preamplifiers: high dynamics and low distortion, which can easily meet your requirements and achieve good signal matching. ●Mic / Line input channels are independently configured: 48V phantom power, polarity switching (Phase), noise gate (Gate), compressor (Comp), four-stage parametric frequency equalization (PEQ), high-pass filter (HPF), Low pass filter (LPF). ● All output channels are independently configured: delay (Delay), four-stage parametric frequency equalization (PEQ), high-pass filter (HPF), low-pass filter (LPF), and compressor (Comp).
● Equipped with professional DSP effector (FX), 5 effect types: Echo, Reverb, Echo + Reverb, Flanger, Stereo Delay , a total of more than one hundred effect presets. With independent effect bus, the effect library can be customized by the user.
● Use wizards, information instructions and functions such as scene configuration (Scenes), preset loading (Presets) and parameter copy (Copy to) to help users easily complete channel configuration, gain settings, effect selection and other tasks. User scene memories (Scenes) and preset loading (Presets) can be stored or recalled from within the console or from an external USB flash drive.
● High-resolution color capacitive touch screen, user graphical operation interface combined with hardware physical buttons, making the control more intuitive and faster.
● Illuminated physical touch switches and precise 100mm intelligent servo electric faders provide a smooth feel.
● USB Media broadcast, supports MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, APE or FLAC file formats. Record directly using an external USB flash drive, no need for an external computer. Support Chinese song file names.
● USB Bluetooth interface, plug and play, connect to your mobile phone’s Bluetooth device at any time for wireless music playback.
● High-fidelity PC sound card, 48KHz/24bit, can record and playback at the same time, making it easy to live online.
● Adaptive automatic mixing control system AAMC, the input channels include CH01 ~ CH08 channel microphones and ST-in, USB playback, PC sound card, etc., which can realize automatic control of microphones or background music. Equipped with intelligent algorithms for weight distribution and gain sharing.
● The powerful howling suppression function AFHS has dynamic suppression and 4-stage notch suppression, which can be controlled individually, making it flexible and efficient.
● Exclusive Overview global data link overview interface, the processing of audio signals from input to output is clear at a glance, and parameter settings can be performed by clicking on a node.
● ISUeasyTM remote firmware upgrade function supports booting the upgrade package data from the USB port to fully upgrade the system (including microcontroller programs).
● The mixer provides a wireless WiFi hotspot. IOS Apple iPad or Android tablet can wirelessly connect to the mixer for remote control operation.
● Programmable central control remote control, using the device's network port or WIFI hotspot, this console can accept remote control commands from the central control console.
●Phoenix socket interface RS-485 remote control input, equipped with 5V power supply output, plug and play 86 control box.
● Very low output redundant noise (-93dbu), good tone, low noise, suitable for quiet conference environments.
● Complete full-voltage working range (85Vac ~ 240Vac) automatic elimination function of "pop" sound when switching on and off, no annoying switching impact sound.
● Maximum input amplitude: +24dBu (12.28V)
● Maximum output amplitude: +18dBu (6.15V)
● Total harmonic distortion: 0.006%
● Dynamic range: +101.4dB
● Frequency response flatness: ±0.2dB
● Equivalent input noise: -125dBu
● Signal-to-noise ratio: +111.4dB
● Redundant noise: -93dBu




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