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Wireless conference system

Wireless conference system

Wired and wireless master controller description This system is a wired and wireless conference system that combines wired stability and wireless convenience. Full digital control, the same host can form a wired and wireless shared system, with multiple speech modes, and can be connected with the video host to achieve video tracking function. The wired attendance unit is uniformly powered by the network junction box, and the wireless attendance unit can be powered by ordinary batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly. This system is easy to operate, easy to install, economical and practical, and is a good choice for conference projects. Features: 1. The system supports shared wired and wireless conference microphones and is easy to install and move; 2. Built-in intelligent anti-howling technology, CD-like sound quality; 3. Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted independently; 4. Complete functions (discussion, video tracking); 5. System management microphone capacity ≦1000; 6. Resistance to mobile phone, electromagnetic, and high-frequency interference; 7. Any number of conference systems can be installed in different venues in the same building; 8. Wireless microphone digital FM processing and transmission technology ensures good sound quality; 9. Wired microphone power supply and audio communication are transmitted using the same cable (eight cores); 10. LCD display, which can display host status and system menu; 11. The microphone gain is independently adjustable and has a dynamic level indicator;
12. Speaker number limit function, you can set the number of representative speaking units that can be turned on at the same time (the number is 1/2/3/4 units);
13. First-in-first-out mode for the number of speakers. After reaching the power-on limit, the next representative unit presses the microphone switch key to turn on the microphone and turn off the microphone that is turned on first;
14. It has an RJ45 interface, which can be connected to the video tracking host to realize SD or HD video tracking function;
Technical Parameters:
15. Audio communication method: ultra-high frequency radio waves
16. Audio frequency range: 610MHz - 664.75MHz
17. Number of audio channels: 5
18. Control communication method: wireless 433MHz frequency band
19. Control frequency range: 422.4MHz - 439.4MHz
20. Number of control channels: 16
21. Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm
22. Signal coverage: ideal environment radius 60 meters
23. Audio frequency response: 50Hz-15KHz
24. Total audio gain: ≦20dB
25. Signal-to-noise ratio: >85dB
26. Audio total harmonic distortion: ≦0.8%
27. Power consumption: < 7W
28. Power input: DC12V-15V, ≧1A
29. Main control machine size (W×H×D): 485×100×355mm

HT-3399CG product characteristics
1. Power: 200W
2. Charging digits: 16 digits
3. Unit charging current: 700mA
4. Charging time: about 8 hours
5. Status indication: red light flashing - charging; green light - charging completed
6. Power supply: 110V-240V~50Hz/60Hz
7. Size: 620×370×175mm (the tie rod can be extended by 380mm)
8. Weight: 9kg (excluding battery)




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