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wireless representative unit

wireless representative unit

◆Handheld condenser microphone, electret supercardioid directivity; ◆ Resistant to mobile phone, electromagnetic and high-frequency interference; ◆LCD display screen, which can display the microphone status and system menu; ◆ Powered by lithium battery, equipped with type-c charging port ◆ Comes with a windproof sponge that can reduce the sound of jets and other wind sounds when speaking; ◆ Power supply: DC 3.7V-4.5V ◆ Power consumption: standby ≦360mW, microphone on state ≦630mW ◆Microphone type: Supercardioid directional electret ◆ Switch: Electronic touch switch ◆ Audio communication method: ultra-high frequency radio waves ◆ Audio frequency range: 610MHz - 664.75MHz ◆Number of audio channels: 4 ◆ Control communication method: wireless 433MHz frequency band ◆ Control frequency range: 422.4MHz - 439.4MHz ◆ Number of control channels: 16 ◆ Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm



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