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Wireless attendance unit

Wireless attendance unit

Novel design, ergonomic, square tube condenser microphone with plastic seat; Electret supercardioid microphone; Anti-interference ability from mobile phones, electromagnetic and high frequency; LCD display, independent switch key There is a microphone switch button. Press the switch button, the green LED microphone light ring will light up, and the microphone is on. To turn off the microphone, you need to press the switch button again; The damping adjustment structure allows the radio head to be adjusted to the appropriate position arbitrarily; Comes with a windproof sponge cover to reduce the sound of jets and other wind sounds when speaking; It has voting and video tracking functions and can be widely used in various occasions such as meetings, lectures, and teaching. Technical Parameters: Indicator light: green LED turns on the microphone tube light ring display Power supply: DC 3.7V-4.5V Power consumption: standby ≦360mW, microphone on state ≦630mW Microphone type: Supercardioid directional electret Switch: electronic tact switch Audio communication method: UHF radio waves Audio frequency range: 610MHz - 664.75MHz Number of audio channels: 5 Control communication method: wireless 433MHz frequency band Control frequency range: 422.4MHz - 439.4MHz Number of control channels: 16 Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm Microphone length: 240mm Base specifications (width × depth × height): 152 × 140 × 55mm color: gray The chairman microphone has a chairman priority function key that can turn off all representative microphones with one click. TD8920cv and TD8920dv also have voting function



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