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Wireless conference chairman microphone

Wireless conference chairman microphone

Technical specifications of the microphone of the attending unit ●Working power supply: DC 3.7V -- 4.5V ●Power consumption: standby ≦360mW, talking state ≦630mW ●Operating temperature -10℃ -- 40℃ ●Microphone pole length: 200mm ●Dimensions (W×H×D): 170mm×5.8mm (excluding microphone rod)×120mm ●Weight: 0.6 kg audio channel ●Communication method: UHF wireless method (one-way) ●Number of channels: 5 (1 chairman unit channel, 4 representative unit channels) ●Frequency range: (frequency range is available in the range of 500MHz --- 950MHz) ●Modulation method: FM ●Maximum modulation amount: 60K ●Radiated power: ≦+9dBm ●Frequency deviation: <0.002 ●Reference speaking distance: 10cm--30cm control channel ●Communication method: wireless (two-way) ●Number of channels: 16 ●Frequency range: 422.4MHz -- 438.4MHz ●Modulation method: FSK ●Receive sensitivity: -100dBm ●Radiated power: ≦+6dBm ●Frequency deviation: <0.002 ●Data rate: 100KBPS



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