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Recording microphone

Recording microphone (with phantom power) TD66A

●Conversion method: permanent polarity capacitive type

●Frequency response (Hz): 50Hz-18KHz

●Directivity: unidirectional, front pickup, broadcast microphone

●Output impedance (ohms): 75Ω

●Sensitivity: -40dB±2dB

●Signal-to-noise ratio: 85dB 1KHz at 1Pa

●Dynamic range: 140dB, 1KHz at max spl

●Maximum sound pressure: 149dB SPL 1KHz THD1%

●Power supply voltage (V): Phantom 48V

●With anti-shock bracket

●Microphone cable length and configuration: 10 meters double core, cardon female + cardon male

●Microphone weight: 0.33KG

●Specifications (width) mm: diameter 45, length 200

●Output: Balanced

●Factory configuration: microphone, microphone cable, windproof sponge, instruction manual, certificate of quality, warranty card, conversion plug, 48V power supply, 2-meter balanced cable, conversion plug, bracket




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