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Conference microphone

TD28 shockproof conference microphone with switch and indicator. It is a set of quick-assembly and disassembly microphones designed for desktop and cabinet use. It has an elegant appearance and built-in high-tech matching circuits, and is suitable for conferences and general broadcast and communication purposes. There is also a built-in switch that can meet strict audio transmission and can be matched with a variety of phantom power microphones. The stable base material is made of a whole piece of pressed metal, with a delicate shape, and the seat surface is sprayed with anti-reflective black paint. There is a 3-position female XLR socket at the input end, and a 3-position male XLR socket at the output end. The built-in shock-proof design provides a very stable device for the microphone on the stand and can absorb noise caused by vibration.
●Conversion method: permanent polarity capacitive type
●Frequency response: 30Hz-20kHz
●Directivity: single direction
●Output impedance (ohms): 75Ω
●Sensitivity: -45dB
●Maximum input volume: 138dB sound pressure
●Dynamic range: 109 dB, 1kHz
●Signal to noise ratio: 65 dB
●Power supply voltage: Phantom 48V (phantom means transmitting both current and sound)
●Microphone tube length: 455mm
●Microphone cable length and configuration: 10 meters double core, cardon female + cardon male
●Single microphone weight: 1.10KG
●Base specifications (width*depth*height) mm: 115*138*40
●Output, indication: balance, stand lamp
●Anti-mobile phone, electromagnetic, high-frequency interference



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