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studio microphones

With wide frequency response and single directivity, it is suitable for studio microphones such as broadcasting, professional recording, and live performances. In line with the digital era’s wide-bandwidth, high linearity, flat response effects, and clear sound quality with high resolution. Comes with a low-frequency attenuation circuit that can reduce noise interference. Using phantom 48V power supply, high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio. Combined with sturdy metal housing design.
● Energy conversion method: capacitive
● Frequency response (Hz): 20Hz-20KHz
● Directivity: Supercardioid
● Output impedance (ohms): 75Ω
● Sensitivity: -40dB±2dB
● Signal-to-noise ratio: 77dB 1KHz at 1Pa
● Dynamic range: 125dB, 1KHz at max spl
● Maximum sound pressure: 132dB SPL 1KHz THD1%
● Power supply voltage (V): Phantom 48V can be used directly by plugging it into the mixer. (Optional DC1.5V battery cartridge: boost 1.5V to 48V for use on equipment not equipped with 48V audio equipment)
●Microphone cable length and configuration: 8 meters dual core, cardon female + cardon male
●Microphone weight: 0.11KG
● Specifications (width) mm: diameter 28-32, length 170
● Output: Balanced
● Factory configuration: microphone, microphone cable, windproof sponge, instruction manual, certificate, warranty card, conversion plug, 1.5V power supply, 2-meter balanced cable, conversion plug



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