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Ten-way intelligent conference mixer

Ten-way intelligent conference mixer

Intelligent mixers can be widely used in various conference situations, answering systems, and multimedia classrooms. Features: ●Ten-way microphones are powered by 48V phantom power; ●Chairmen of the two groups and representatives of the eight groups; ●The chairman and the representative who has priority to speak can speak at the same time. When the priority representative speaks, the channels of other representatives will automatically attenuate -40dB. When the representative who has priority to speak stops speaking, other representatives can speak normally after an interval of three seconds; ●Using advanced voice control circuit design, the voice control switch switches naturally when speaking normally, and is completed by the intelligent operation of the mixer. When no representative speaks, the representative system automatically turns off each microphone, which can efficiently control the conference program and effectively suppress howling; ●The ten-channel intelligent mixer is equipped with a total volume adjustment, and each microphone has a 5cm-50cm pickup distance that can be adjusted at will. When adjusting, adjust the best pickup distance according to the environment. This mixer can be arbitrarily expanded in series, which is simple and convenient, and its functions remain unchanged. After cascading, the second channel will be cancelled.
Technical Parameters:
●Output voltage: output phantom 48V
●Input voltage: AC220V/50Hz
●Output current: 6.5mA
●Input impedance: Microphone 8KΩ System input 20KΩ
●Output impedance: Balanced: 200Ω
●Unbalanced: 300Ω LINE 200Ω
●Microphone connection matching: phantom power microphone
●Microphone connection method: 10-way card dragon female socket
●Weight: 2.72KG
●Specifications (length*width*height) mm: 1U chassis 420*205*44
●External input connection: cardon male connector
●Output connection: Line Lotus dual channel, Caron balanced output
●Function: Two chairpersons, eight representatives voice control, can only control one microphone to speak, individual microphone pickup distance adjustment, total volume adjustment
●Input sensitivity: -38dB~-50dB
●Power: 12W
●Switch/instruction: boat-shaped switch, panel power indicator light, voice-activated excitation indication for each microphone
●Factory configuration: finished product, audio cable, manual, certificate, warranty card




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