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Wireless attendance unit conference microphone

Wireless attendance unit conference microphone

● Countertop structure ●Digital audio technology can independently adjust the gain and adjust different volumes according to the voice characteristics of different speakers ● "T-shaped hand-in-hand" connection technology supports "hot swapping" of lines, and the microphone pole is removable ● With OLED LCD display ● Shrapnel buttons, super button feel, long service life ● The microphone unit has an independent ID number, which facilitates installation and avoids duplication of ID numbers. ● The microphone unit ID number can be reset through the front panel of the conference host or application software ● The chairman unit has a priority control button, which can activate the system prompt sound to remind all attendees to pay attention, and can be set to permanently terminate all speaking and waiting microphone functions (the chairman units are not limited to each other) ●Super strong resistance to mobile phones and electromagnetic interference ● The threaded locking structure interface is used to prevent the microphone cable from falling off due to unreasonable operation, causing the system to have no sound output. ● The microphone has a voting/election function and supports voting/election/scoring of meetings (displaying voting status in real time) ●S type supports video tracking function Technical Parameters: ● Unidirectional microphone, the microphone core has the function of preventing air pop sound, and the length of the microphone pole is optional (normal: 42cm) ● High sensitivity, the sound is clear and loud without feedback when the speaking distance is 5-30cm ● Frequency response: 100Hz-13kHz ● Sensitivity-44dB±2dB ● The working voltage is DC18V, provided by the main control computer



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