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Wireless attendance unit 

Wireless attendance unit 

◆ Anti-electromagnetic and mobile phone interference function
◆ The microphone has a speaking button and indicator light, which can control/indicate the status of the machine
◆ Unidirectional, with anti-gas pop sound function, equipped with windproof protective cover
◆ Condenser microphone boom with speaking indicator light
◆ The unit is powered by the system host, and the input voltage of 18V is within a safe range
◆ High microphone sensitivity
◆ Automatic shutdown function, the turned-on microphone will automatically turn off in 45 seconds if there is no sound pickup (when the sound within the pickup range is lower than 50dB)
◆ The chairman unit has a chairman priority control button, which can activate the system prompt sound to remind attendees to pay attention. It can be set to permanently terminate or suspend the speaking status of all speaking representative microphones.
◆ The number of chairman units in the system is not limited and can be placed anywhere in the loop
◆ The chairman unit in the system is not restricted by the conference mode
◆The unit adopts 6-core “T” type connection
◆ Models with S have video tracking function

Technical Parameters:
◆ Frequency response: 60Hz-18kHz
◆ Sensitivity: -42dB±2dB
◆Reference speaking distance: 15cm-80cm
◆ Microphone length: 235mm
◆ Appearance size: 165mmx120mmx50mm
◆ Net weight: 1kg
◆ Others: HD true color screen, 5-key voting function, integrated square microphone tube



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