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Professional and portable one-to-two wireless microphone with powerful functions, long battery life and easy charging.

Product parameters

· Product model: TDU2

· Product type: Portable charging (one to two) wireless microphone

Receiving distance: >= 120 meters (ideal environment)

Battery time: Receiver: 18650 lithium battery (2200MAH 10 hours) Transmitter: 14500 lithium battery (800MAH 6 hours) · UHF frequency band: UHF640MHZ-690MHZ

· Fixed frequency/FM microphone frequency: 2X100 groups of adjustable channels

· Product functions:

1. Adopting UHF high frequency band design, equipped with 1 channel 3.5 output and 1 channel balanced + 6.35 output.

2. With IR infrared automatic frequency matching, automatic search for clean channels, manual tuning, volume adjustment

3. Professional 16-band EQ, built-in delay reverberation effect, adjustable parameters, the effect is what you want; 5 pre-set function modes are available, and different occasions can be quickly selected.

4. It can be used in conjunction with other electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, etc.) to achieve live recording, ordinary recording, etc.

5. The display screen indicates the working status of RF and AF signal strength, frequency, frequency group, etc.


· Product type: slim, compact and portable

· Case material: zinc alloy

· Case color: champagne silver

· Adjustment method: FM

· Bandwidth: 50MHz

· Frequency interval: 250KHz

· Adjustable frequency points: 200 groups

· Reception method: UHF

· Use distance: 120


· Microphone frequency point: 640MHz-690MHz

· Microphone tube material: zinc alloy

· Microphone tube color: champagne silver

· Directional characteristics: omnidirectional

· Pickup head type: dynamic type

· Microphone sensitivity: ≥-105dB

· Pickup distance: 15CM

· Power supply: lithium battery

· Use time: host: 10 hours hand mark: 6 hours

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