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Discussion conference system host

Discussion conference system host TD6200
(discussion type)
Video conference system host TD6200S
(discussion, video type)
Voting conference system host TD6300
(discussion, voting type)
Video voting conference system host TD6300S
(discussion, video, voting type)

Function parameter:
● Adopt digital audio processing and transmission technology, with 4 DELEGATES output interfaces, total microphone capacity: ≤250 units
● The connection between the conference control host and the microphone unit uses an 8-core inner shielded cable
● “T-shaped hand-in-hand” connection technology, the system has automatic repair function and supports “hot swapping” of lines
● Equipped with a network control port, the control host can be upgraded and updated through the network port, and it also has an RS232 interface, which allows centralized microphone management through a computer and special software.
● Built-in conference unit detection function, which can automatically detect each conference unit before the meeting
● With a 122×32 LCD display, a single machine can realize free, rotation, restricted speech, chairman-only and other conference functions. There are function keys and knobs on the host panel for system status display and setting.

● The host has an 8-in and 2-out video matrix and supports multiple control protocols.
● In conjunction with cameras and video switchers, automatic camera tracking can be performed through the RS232 interface.
● The host has voting/election function and supports voting/election/scoring of meetings.
● The system has high-quality sound channel effects
● The system has 1 MIC microphone input port and 3 sets of audio signal output terminals, which can be connected to external recording equipment or audio equipment.
● The system has a set of call interfaces, which can be used with telephone couplers to achieve telephone conference communications.
● The system has a gain knob that can adjust the system sound pressure.
● The system has high-fidelity speakers for conference monitoring and a volume control knob.
● It has an alarm signal input interface. When the public address alarm system is activated, the conference can be automatically paused and alarm information can be sent to the participating units.
● The system has a USB interface for conference recording and storage (optional)

Technical Parameters:
● Frequency response: 100Hz ~18KHz;
● Total harmonic distortion: 100Hz~18KHz; conference system sound output is less than 0.1%
●Power is 500W, powered by AC220V
● Can be installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet
● Comply with international conference equipment and electrical certification standards and have China’s compulsory CQC certification



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