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Professional conference microphone

Professional conference microphone TDG8

●Unit type: capacitive
● Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
● Directivity: cardioid
● Optimal sound pickup distance: 60-80cm
● Open circuit sensitivity@1kHz: 200mV/Pa
● Nominal impedance: 200Ω
● Load impedance: >1kHz
● Maximum sound pressure @f=1kHz, k<1%
●Power supply: DC48V
● Signal-to-noise ratio: 60dB
● Power consumption: 25mA
● T.H.D: <0.1%
● Connector: 3-pin cardon interface
● Made of aluminum alloy in one piece, fashionable and elegant, showing noble and solemn temperament.
● Gooseneck design
● Use original digital microphone array technology to establish your own sound pickup channel and range. No matter who is speaking, the sound pressure level remains unchanged;
● Resistant to mobile phone and high-frequency interference;
● Precise control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range, effectively improving the sound transmission gain of the system;
● Larger and farther pickup range, the speaker no longer has to worry about where the microphone is, and has more room for movement.



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