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U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone

U-segment one-to-two wireless microphone

★1 “Internet of Everything” has become the loudest slogan of modern technology companies. ★1. The APP connects the device through the wireless network WIFI to achieve remote control. ★2. This product’s digital pilot technology and 2048-bit symmetric encryption algorithm prevent monitoring! ★3.WIFI 5G wireless communication network, accurate and fast real-time monitoring of device status, making meetings smoother and easier Host parameters: Host working voltage: DC--12V Working current: 600mA Power consumption: 7.2W Display: LCD*2 RF carrier range: 615~695MHZ Working distance 150 meters Format: FM Pilot mode: digital pilot Maximum number of channels: 200 System compatibility: 30 units can be used simultaneously Frequency response: 80HZ ~ 15KHz (±3db) Dynamic range: >110db System distortion/total harmonic distortion THD: < 0.5% Signal-to-noise ratio: S/N> 100db (A) RF sensitivity: -98dbm for 30db S/N Ratio Image suppression: >75db Output interface: (XLRx2)/(1/4-inch connector×1) Audio output level: (XLR:+10dbV) / (1/4-inch connector:+8dbV) Output impedance: (XLR:3KΩ) / (1/4-inch connector:3KΩ)
Power requirements: 12V/800mA
Working temperature range: 0-50 ℃
Receiving sensitivity: -105dBM
Distortion THD: <0.01%
Audio output voltage: 0.3V
Adjacent channel interference suppression: >60dB
Receiver: 44.4mm high * 483mm wide 185mm deep
Handheld microphone parameters
Pickup type: moving coil
Microphone core directivity: cardioid
Sound pickup sensitivity: >-20dBM (1V)
Transmit power: >+10dBM(10mWH)
Microphone power consumption: 110mA
Effective distance: barrier-free straight line 150 meters
Audio response: 80HZ—18KHZ
Frequency stability: +-0.001%
Anti-electromagnetic wave from mobile phones: yes

Gain: 10db
Input impedance: 5KΩ
RF output power: 30mW
Side wave suppression: > 50db
Pilot: digital pilot
Display mode: LCD
Power requirements: 1.5V*2(AA)
Battery life: >5 hours/calculated at 1800mA
Hand length: 22CM
Effective sound pickup distance: 30cm
Working frequency: 610-780MHz controlled by microcomputer CPU
Frequency stability: ±0.002%
FM maximum modulation frequency deviation: ±45KHz
Gain: 10db
Communication command: controlled by microcomputer CPU
Battery reminder: intelligent battery under-voltage warning display
Circuit indicators: PLL phase-locked loop frequency synthesis technology, dynamic audio compression and automatic level control circuit
Gain: 10db




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