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True diversity one to eight wireless microphone

True diversity one to eight wireless microphone

◆ The main equipment includes an 8-channel wireless conference host and 8 square pole wireless conference microphones ◆ Use the UHF610MHz~864.7MHz frequency band and apply PLL frequency synthesis phase-locked loop technology. The frequency is adjustable and the transmit power is adjustable to avoid frequency interference; ◆CPU bus control, digital LCD display, easy operation and outstanding performance; ◆ Adopt multi-stage narrow-band high-frequency and medium-frequency frequency selective filtering to fully eliminate interference signals; ◆ Using audio compression and expansion technology, the noise is greatly reduced and the dynamic range is increased; ◆ Equipped with feedback feedback suppression and weakening function, which can effectively reduce feedback feedback; ◆ The receiver adopts multi-stage high-frequency amplification and has good sensitivity; ◆ Multiple noise monitoring circuits and a specially designed ID identification code verification system to make it anti-interference characteristics; ◆ The use of high-quality chips and components ensures excellent sound quality; ◆ The maximum space usage range is 100 meters, and the ideal space usage range is 60 meters; ◆ You can choose any hand microphone, headband, or collar clip.、
Technical Parameters:
◆ Working frequency: 610MHz~864.7MHz
◆ Transmission power: 10dBm
◆ Input audio modulation signal selection: MIC IN capacitor microphone input (internal power supply), LINE IN audio line input
◆ Modulation method: wideband FM
◆ Maximum modulation degree: ±45kHz
◆High-order harmonics: more than 60dB lower than the main wave reference
◆ Power supply: 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries
◆Continuous use time: 8 hours

◆ Carrier frequency: 610MHz~669.7MHz / 790MHz~864.7MHz
◆ Power adapter voltage: AC110V-230V 50Hz/60Hz (use according to label)
◆ DC input voltage: DC12—DC15V 1500mA
◆ Power consumption: 13W
◆S/N signal-to-noise ratio: ≥95dB
◆ T.H.D distortion: <0.5%
◆ Frequency response: 60Hz -16kHz




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