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True diversity one to two wireless microphone

True diversity one to two wireless microphone

Function parameter ●Adopt the world's advanced DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology and automatic noise control technology ●Use UHF740MHz~790MHz frequency band to avoid interference frequency. ●Dual microphone design, two people can sing at the same time with hand-held microphone and invisible antenna. ●Adopt true diversity receiving circuit design to ensure continuous speed within the effective distance and eliminate dead spots. ●Adopt the latest high-frequency surface acoustic filter to filter out-of-band interference signals to the greatest extent. ●Using secondary frequency conversion high-frequency circuit design, it has extremely high sensitivity. ●The voice compression and expansion circuit greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio. The unique voice compressor design prevents singers from cracking sounds even when they sing hard. ●The use of high-gain antennas effectively opens up the usable distance up to 100 meters. Complete input and output interfaces make it easy to connect various devices. ●Any microphone in this system can be paired with any receiver, which completely solves the shortcomings of fixed frequency microphones and is suitable for multiple sets of products to be used on the same occasion. ●Optional according to requirements: lavalier microphone or head-mounted microphone
Overall performance
●Carrier frequency: UHF740MHz-790MHz
●Frequency multiplication method: phase-locked loop synthesis frequency
●Number of channels: 200
●Bandwidth: 60MHz 
●Dynamic range: >100dB
●Harmonic distortion: <1%
●Frequency response: 40Hz-50KHz±3dB
●Audio output: 0-400Mv(8dBu max)
●Using distance: 60M (open environment)

wireless receiver
●Power supply voltage: DC12-16V 500mA (AC100V-240V)
●Signal to noise ratio: >105dB
●False image interference ratio: >80dB
●Adjacent channel interference ratio: >80dB
●Receiving sensitivity: >25dBu (SIND=35dB)




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