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Multifunctional digital conference system master computer

Multifunctional digital conference system master computer TD2000

◆ Complying with the IEC60914 international standard and using high-performance industrial-grade embedded processor, the system has strong stability and fast speed.
◆ Digital processing and transmission technology, no matter how many devices there are, it will not be disturbed. Full digital transmission overcomes the attenuation problem of long-distance transmission. The transmission distance of special six-core shielded wire can reach 250 meters;
◆ Built-in environmental noise canceller, digital equalization circuit, and adaptive feedback suppressor, which can effectively eliminate local noise, greatly increase the sound pressure level of the venue, and effectively prevent howling;
◆ The connection method adopts 6-core DIN shielded cable or Category 6e shielded network cable, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic interference to the line;
◆ The system host has a dual-machine hot backup mode function, and the host can be set to hot backup mode for cascading system backup;
◆ 4.3-inch true color touch screen, embedded Linux intelligent control system, Chinese operation interface (corresponding language can be defined according to customer requirements)
◆ Touch settings for conference mode, system volume adjustment, microphone management, unit number, camera parameters, video tracking settings, countdown settings, tea service functions, etc.
◆ Conference mode: free mode, rotation mode, restricted mode, application mode, timing mode, voice control mode, PTT mode, VIP mode;

◆ Equipped with 1 set of optical fiber audio interface.
◆ Equipped with 2×30W power amplifier module, which can be directly connected to external speakers.
◆ It has 1 channel 5V fire linkage alarm interface. This interface is an expansion interface and can be used for fire alarm connection port.
◆ With USB recording and broadcasting function, it can record meetings and play audio files stored in U disk.
◆ Built-in voting function, with data management functions of check-in, voting, election, scoring and response;
◆ Built-in 4-in and 1-out high-definition camera tracking switching module, no need to configure a computer, video tracking can be performed offline;
◆ It has 1 expansion RS232 port to support the control of our company’s hybrid switching matrix, and the video signal automatic switching can be expanded to 128 channels.
◆ Up to 512 camera positions can automatically track control points on a single machine.​
◆ Support two camera ball protocols. (Pelco-D baud rate 9600, VISCA baud rate 9600)

◆ Supports three camera control interfaces. (RS232, RS422 and RS485)
◆ Supports 48kHz audio sampling frequency, channel frequency response up to 20Hz-20kHz;
◆ The host can centrally adjust the output gain of the conference unit and set the audio adjustment lock;
◆ Equipped with DATA network control interface, the control network cable can be extended to 1000 meters to connect to the management conference. ;
◆ Equipped with the “hot-swappable” function when the line is powered on, which ensures the safety of the system;
◆ The system can be connected to other condenser microphones or dynamic microphones, providing users with more choices;
◆ Each 4-channel microphone output six-core unit can connect to 30 conference speaking units, and a single host can connect to 120 conference units. Each interface of the 4-way microphone output network cable unit can connect to 15 conference speaking units, and a single host can connect to 60 conference units (the number of connections per channel can be determined according to the power of the unit and the length of the main cable);
◆ The system host can be cascaded with multiple expansion hosts to mount 255 voting units or 4096 speaking units for simultaneous conferences.
◆ Equipped with various methods of “hand-in-hand” connection and loop connection for easy installation and maintenance;
◆ Equipped with central control interface and PC interface, which can realize control instructions of management software, central control, touch screen, mobile phone and other equipment;
◆ Remote telephone conferencing can be carried out with a telephone coupler;
◆ With network conferencing software and video conferencing terminals, remote video conferencing can be realized;



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