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200W intelligent multimedia amplifier

200W intelligent multimedia amplifier

This equipment is a new generation of teaching frequency-shifting sound amplification teaching equipment specially developed to cooperate with modern teaching. It can effectively suppress the sound amplification howling and greatly improve the sound transmission quality. You only need to install 3-4 interface microphones on the classroom podium. This device can be put into use. Lecturers can give lectures without wearing any equipment. It is also suitable for conferences, lectures, stages, and karaoke. It effectively suppresses howling, expands microphone voice, and ensures language transmission quality and fidelity. High speed, clear sound and wide frequency response. Features ● Five-band parametric equalization and digital frequency shifting dual anti-howling technology ●Microphone gain boost amount 5~14dB ● 3 audio line inputs, independently adjustable ● 4-way microphone balanced (XLR socket) and unbalanced (6.35 socket) inputs, independently adjustable ● 4-way microphone phantom power independent switch selection ● 4-way microphone frequency shifting effect independent switch selection ● Built-in USB recording and playback module Technical Parameters ●Power supply mode: AC~220V—230V, 50/60Hz ● Frequency shift amount: 5Hz±1Hz ● Specifications: 425mm x 360mm x 88mm ●Output power TD1601B 200W+200W ● External 4~16 ohm speakers ● Frequency response: non-shifting state: 20Hz-20kHz Frequency shift status: 150Hz-15kHz



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