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850W professional amplifier

850W professional amplifier

•High-strength structural chassis, symmetrical structure with the rack, fast assembly; •High-energy linear power supply, high-efficiency toroidal transformer; •Independent module structure, high resolution, clear and delicate voice; •Balanced and unbalanced input; three output modes: stereo, mono and bridge; •Highly sensitive safety protection circuit; •Peak clipping and amplitude limiting, power supply soft start system. The soft-start characteristic of the circuit using relay delay protects the speaker from electrical shock when switching on and off; •Dual Speaker and speaker binding post outputs; •High-efficiency dual-fan cooling channel; •Low noise design; •Input method: Cardon female balanced input, 6.35 socket input; •Output method: speaker binding post, speaker cardon. •Output power: 8Ω, 2×450W 4Ω2×900W (MA450) 8Ω, 2×650W 4Ω2×1300W (MA650) 8Ω, 2×850W 4Ω2×1700W (MA850) •Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0/-0.5dB •Signal to noise ratio: 95dB •Total harmonic distortion: <0.05%@8Ω1KHz •Slew rate: 40 V/μs •Damping coefficient: >200@8Ω



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