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True diversity one to eight wireless microphones

True diversity one to eight wireless microphones

With the rapid advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet of Things has become a major trend today. 1. The APP connects the device through the wireless network WIFI to achieve remote control. 2. This product’s digital pilot technology and 2048-bit symmetric encryption algorithm prevent monitoring! 3.WIFI 5G wireless communication network, accurate and fast real-time monitoring of device status, making use smoother and easier APP software function parameters: Mobile APP operation functions: 1. Lock/unlock the receiver panel 2. Automatic frequency sweep 3. Fixed-point monitoring of frequency status in use 4. Spectrum scanner 5. Sound effect scene 6. Independent 7-band EQ adjustment 8. Three reception modes Preset and switching 9. FIR filter mode switching 10. Frequency adjustment 11. Volume adjustment APP compatible: Huawei Hongmeng/Apple ios/Xiaomi OPO and other Android systems Device link network: wifi/mobile hotspot/mobile wifi Mobile phone control distance: no limit Number of control devices for a single mobile phone: more than 10 Number of the same device controlled by mobile phone: 10 Host parameters: Host working voltage: DC--12V Working current: 1600mA Power consumption: 20W Display: LCD*8 RF carrier range: 615~695MHZ Working distance: 200 meters for true diversity reception Format: FM Pilot mode: digital pilot Maximum number of channels: 200 System compatibility: 40 units used simultaneously Frequency response: 80HZ ~ 15KHz (±3db) Dynamic range: >110db System distortion/total harmonic distortion THD: < 0.5% Signal-to-noise ratio: S/N> 100db (A) RF sensitivity: -98dbm for 30db S/N Ratio
Image suppression: >75db
Output interface: (XLRx8)/(1/4-inch connector×1)
Audio output level: (XLR:+10dbV) / (1/4-inch connector:+8dbV)
Output impedance: (XLR:3KΩ) / (1/4-inch connector:3KΩ)
Power requirements: 12V/2A
Working temperature range: 0-50 ℃
Receiving sensitivity: -105dBM
Distortion THD: <0.01%
Audio output voltage: 0.3V
Adjacent channel interference suppression: >60dB
Receiver: 88.8mm high * 483mm wide 185mm deep
                                                                                                                                                                       Microphone parameters:
Pickup type: dynamic coil
Microphone core directivity: cardioid
Sound pickup sensitivity: >-20dBM (1V)
Transmit power: >+10dBM(10mWH)
Microphone power consumption: 110mHA
Effective distance: barrier-free straight line 200 meters
Audio response: 100HZ—18KHZ
Frequency stability: +-0.001%
Anti-electromagnetic wave from mobile phones: yes
Gain: 10db
Input impedance: 5KΩ
RF output power: 30mW
Side wave suppression: > 50db
Pilot: digital pilot
Display mode: LCD
Power requirements: 1.5V*2(AA)
Battery life: >10 hours/based on 2400mAH
Working frequency: 610-690MHz controlled by microcomputer CPU
Frequency stability: ±0.002%
FM maximum modulation frequency deviation: ±45KHz
Battery reminder: intelligent battery under-voltage warning display




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