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Wireless conference system host

Wireless conference system host 

System specification This system is a duplex wireless conference system operating in the UHF frequency band. It is fully digitally controlled and has multiple speech modes. It can be connected to the video host to achieve video tracking function. The attendance unit is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, which is both convenient and environmentally friendly. This system is easy to operate, requires no engineering installation, is economical and practical, and is a good choice for conference projects. Features FM frequency modulation is used to realize sound signal transmission, with high fidelity, high signal-to-noise ratio and no sound delay. Use a new type of anti-howling unidirectional high-sensitivity capacitive microphone core to make the conference sound better. Both the audio channel and the control channel are transmitted wirelessly, without laying cables, and the signal coverage can be moved anywhere within the park, making the layout of the venue convenient and flexible. lIndependently developed data communication algorithm for conference applications, so that within the signal range, the system response speed is not affected by the number of attending units. Users can flexibly increase or decrease attendance units. The factory default system attendance unit capacity is ≦255 (including 1 chairperson).
It has various conference speech modes such as rotation 1-2-3-4, restriction 1-2-3-4, and chairman's exclusive. The main control computer can be connected to an external video host to realize the video tracking function of the attending units at the venue.
Low power consumption, the attendance unit has more than 8 hours of continuous speaking time and more than 20 hours of standby time; the matching charging box has an intelligent charging management circuit to effectively protect the battery, extend battery life and ensure safety.
Large screen LCD display. Hierarchical menu design makes operation simple and convenient. And it has many functions such as power display and under-voltage warning, frequency channel and signal indication.
The main controller adopts an all-metal structure design, which is solemn and elegant; the attendance unit is made of engineering plastic material with a novel appearance design and built-in antenna, which is beautiful and decent.
The main control unit is equipped with a USB recording/broadcasting module, which can realize USB recording/broadcasting functions. It can also connect to third-party Bluetooth devices through Bluetooth and play music from third-party Bluetooth devices simultaneously.
Main control machine technical indicators:
Power input: DC12V-15V, ≧1A
Power consumption: < 7W
Working temperature -10℃ -- 40℃
Main controller size (W×H×D): 485mm×100mm (2U, including chassis feet)×355mm
Main control machine weight: 7.2 kg
audio channel
Communication method: UHF wireless method (one-way)
Number of channels: 5 (1 chairman unit channel, 4 representative unit channels)
Frequency range: (frequency range is available in the range of 500MHz --- 950MHz)
Demodulation method: FM
Receiving sensitivity: -100dBm
control channel
Communication method: UHF wireless method (two-way)
Number of channels: 16
Frequency range: 422.4MHz -- 438.4MHz
Modulation method: FSKu Receive sensitivity: -100dBm
Radiated power: ≦+6dBm
Frequency deviation: <0.002
Data rate: 100KBPS

System total parameter indicators
Signal coverage: indoor radius 60 meters (excluding the use of antenna extenders or antenna amplifiers)
Audio frequency response: 50Hz --- 15KHz
Total audio gain: ≦20dBu Signal-to-noise ratio: >85dB
Audio total harmonic distortion: ≦0.8%

Special lithium battery TD7800B (optional)
Features high energy density, miniaturization, lightweight, and high safety
The lifespan is generally 300 to 500 charging cycles

Special battery charging box TD7800G (optional)
Powered by AC110V~240V switching power supply.
Can charge 16 special lithium batteries at the same time.
It has an intelligent charging management circuit to effectively protect the battery.
Equipped with telescopic rods and pulleys for easy movement.




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